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Maintaining your AC is an important part of the Air Conditioning process. By maintaining your AC you’re able to help it last for a longer period of time as well as keep eventual costs down. The best way to keep your AC running at its best all year long is to do routine maintenance on it. Of course you aren’t going to always know when it needs work and that’s why it’s good to schedule regular inspections.

At Service Squads we can help you keep up with your regular AC Maintenance, so your AC unit is able to keep you cooled off as long as possible. When you call Service Squad, one of our expert technicians will address all of your concerns and create a customized solution for your ac or heating issues.

Call Service Squads now and take the first step towards keeping yourself cool.

Schedule regular inspections

Air Conditioning manufacturers recommend two yearly inspections of the ac unit, to keep units at peak performance. The ideal time for an AC inspection and tune-up is in the fall before the colder months or in the spring before the summer heat begins.

By scheduling an inspection it gives the technician a chance to see if anything was damaged during the colder months and if something is wrong, we can diagnose the problem and offer the best solution. These regular inspections give technicians a chance to keep your unit in top working condition. You would be shocked at how much damage can happen to an AC unit without you being aware of it. Parts can wear down, animals can get inside, even the weather can cause interior damage to your air conditioning unit.

Even if you don’t notice something is wrong your AC technician will.

With these regular inspections, your technician can catch minor problems. Maybe a part is wearing down and will need to be replaced soon or the unit just needs a good interior cleaning. Regular inspections help our technicians find these problems early and get to work on them quickly.  

What we look for during an inspection

AC Filters – are they clogged? Is this causing airflow problems? Dust and other debris build up throughout the year and can force your AC unit to work harder costing you money while harming your unit.

Compressor – Are the coils dirty? Is there too much refrigerant? Is there a poor charge? The compressor plays a key role in the cooling of air in an AC system. It compresses refrigerant gas and pumps it through your AC so the heat and humidity are removed from the air before that cool air is then pushed into your home or business. A broken compressor can lead to deeper issues.

Evaporator coil – Is the coil frozen? Are there any tiny leaks? Is it clean? When an evaporator coil is beginning to fail it usually coincides with warm air. That is because the evaporator coil is what takes the heat from your home or business so it can be turned into cold air. 

Blower fans – Are the fans functioning normally? Are they functioning at all? Blower fans play a large role in helping push the air across the cold coils so it can become cold air. These can slow down due to dust, debris, or electrical issues.

Condenser Coil – Are the coils dirty? Is it running hotter than it should be? The condenser coil is supposed to push warm air back outside, but when it’s failing to operate at efficiency it can cost you money due to forcing the unit to work harder.  

Maintenance will save you money

Getting your equipment tuned up and ready for the hot days ahead with AC preventative maintenance is imperative not only for your comfort and peace of mind, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system. When your unit operates at peak performance, it saves you money monthly on your utility bill. Preventive maintenance can prevent breakdowns, electrical issues, faulty or improperly set controls, clogged drain lines and more, saving you money on larger repairs.

Getting your equipment tuned up and ready for the hot days ahead with AC preventative maintenance is imperative not only for your comfort and peace of mind, but also for the reliability and longevity of your system.

Residential and Commercial AC Maintenance

No matter your situation whether you are in a residential area or a commercial business we can come to you and supply our AC maintenance service. That said the maintenance procedures of each will have differences.

Commercial businesses are going to have different maintenance procedures than residential AC. They typically need larger AC Units that work harder for longer. Especially in larger buildings. Regular AC maintenance is extremely important for commercial businesses, because when an AC unit breaks in your own business it’s more than just you that’s unhappy. Everyone is. Keeping up with your unit is important to make sure your team isn’t burning in their workplace.

Service Squads doesn’t only offer commercial maintenance, but will also work on your own personal unit as well. We know you care about keeping your home cool and we will do our best to help you with that. Schedule an inspection with us today so we can let you know of any work that needs to be done to keep your AC running at full strength.

You can schedule regular inspections with Service Squads to make sure that your AC is running well throughout the year or just once a year. It all depends on what your situation is. If you call us we can come out and work with you to figure out how often you should be having your AC unit looked at.

Call us to schedule an inspection and we’ll help you figure out what the best plan is for you. Our top priority is to keep all of our customers happy and cool whether at home, in the office or out on the town.

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AC Maintenance is important. If you don’t regularly maintain it those inspection calls are going to be turning into repair calls. Let those of us at Service Squad handle that for you. A service we are more than happy to provide, but you’ll feel much happier about the repairs when they’re being made to help maintain your AC unit as opposed to fixing something that is broken.

All of our knowledge and experience that we bring to every maintenance job, and the accessible services that we bring make us one of the best options available for AC maintenance. Our 24/7 emergency line is always available and ready for those jobs that can’t wait until tomorrow. We provide free quotes online, and we’re spread out to reach as many customers as possible. You can find us in Houston, Richmond, and Stafford. Let us be your go-to AC maintenance service. There is no one you’ll come away more impressed with than us. Call us now at 1-713-999-9150 or fill out a contact form online

** Contact us Now to schedule your appointment to have your unit inspected and maintained. Service Squad is here to help with preventive maintenance to keep your unit running at peak performance. Our Technicians are trained and licensed professionals dedicated to keeping our customers cool and comfortable. 

Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you need unit maintenance,  a small repair, or a new unit installed, Service Squad handles it all. We recently have expanded our service area to help better serve the Houston & surrounding communities.

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