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AC Repair In Houston Texas

You’ve come home from a long day at work, and as you walk into your home, you immediately know what’s wrong. A warm blast of air has hit you in the face. You walk over to the thermometer and see it’s 85 in your home despite being set at 75. You are now in need of AC Repair. Figuring out how you’re going to do that can be extremely stressful.

First, you need to figure out what the problem is. Did your AC unit break entirely, or is it blowing out hot air? Once that’s been solved, you have to research local AC Repair and hope you can find someone trustworthy. Allow those of us at Service Squad to lower your stress level significantly. Our team of technicians and experts will not only be able to identify what’s wrong with your AC, but we can repair it and provide you our exceptional service in the process.

If that isn’t enough to sell you on Service Squad and our top-notch AC repair team, then give us a call at 1-713-999-9150 or use our contact form.

People trust us

For years we’ve provided home repair services. There’s a certain level of trust that’s necessary for someone to let you into their home. We earn the trust of our customers with hard work, a passion for what we do, and being knowledgeable in what we do. Our AC repair service is no different. You can trust us to leave your home better and more comfortable than we found it.

It might be time for an inspection.

Have you had your AC looked at recently? If you haven’t, then you may want to consider giving Service Squad a call. AC units that are left unnoticed can lead to a need for AC repair if you aren’t careful. AC units should typically be inspected annually to make sure everything is running fine, and no parts are beginning to fall into disrepair. These inspections can notice problems ahead of time and help you avoid the need for more extensive AC repairs down the line.

When your AC does need repair

This, of course, does not mean your AC will never need repair. Everything has ware and tear, and even the most well kept up AC unit is going to need parts fixed or replaced eventually. You may need to charge your unit, or it could need to replaced entirely. Whatever the need Service Squad will help you find the problem and fix it for you, but what are some signs that you need AC repair?

Loud noises: If your unit is making loud noises when it is running, then you may require AC repair. Some sound is natural from any machine, but a noisy AC unit is noticeable. This typically means it’s working harder to perform regular tasks, and that’s never a good thing for not only your unit but your wallet as well.

Rising electricity bills: Sometimes your unit might sound like it’s working fine, but you’ll notice a sudden rise in your electricity bill. These problems can be hard to see because you may initially believe it has something to do with your electricity usage, but if you’re living your life as usual. That bill begins to rise, and then it’s a pretty good indicator that your AC unit is working harder than usual. The harder your unit works, the costlier it is to you. If you notice suddenly rising electricity bills, then you may want to call those of us at Service Squad to look at your unit.

Odor: The only smell that should ever come from your AC unit is fresh air. If you’re noticing an odd smell when your AC turns on, then there could be a problem with it. Sometimes water builds up inside the unit, and other times a creature has found their way inside it. Odors can also come from failing parts or leaks. Whatever the reason, it can’t be a good one, and you should call a technician right away.

Visual Damage: It’s a good idea to look at your AC unit every once in a while. You don’t need to go inside it and do the kind of inspection that Service Squads would perform, but look at it and make sure nothing seems wrong. A sign of something being not right would be cracks, warped material, or any visual damage to the unit. If you notice this, then call out one of our technicians. It could be an indicator of a more significant issue beneath the unit in need of AC repair.

Rising Temperatures: It sounds obvious, and you’ll almost always notice it, but rising temperatures are almost always related to a need for AC repair. Of course, it’s not still a case of coming home one day to discover it’s 85 degrees in your home. If you’re setting your AC to 74 degrees and it always rests at 78, then that could be an indication that your AC unit isn’t performing up to the task.

Faulty thermostat: Sometimes, the AC unit is perfectly fine, and it’s your thermostats that are causing issues. The thermostat and AC unit work together to keep your home cool. If one is failing, then the other can’t possibly work.

We bring plenty of experience and knowledge to any repair job, and our services are some of the most readily accessible out there. We offer a 24/7 emergency line for those jobs that can’t wait until tomorrow. We provide free quotes online, and we’re spread out to reach as many customers as possible. You can find us in Houston, Richmond, and Stafford. Allow us to be your go-to AC repair service. You’ll come away not only impressed but thrilled with the incredible work we’ve done. Call us now at 1-713-999-9150 or fill out a contact form online

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