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One of the first impression you make on your clients is the way your building looks. So when your building or office is in need of professional cleaning, why trust anyone but the best? Service Squad guarantees that you will not be able to tell the difference between the before and after picture!

Service Squad will clean your buildings carpets, flooring, and furniture promptly and efficiently so that no odor or stain remains. Clients will never believe that anything was ever amiss in your building when we’re done with it. After all, what’s the point of having your office look clean if it still smells like a disaster area.

Do you have hardwood floors or tile instead? No problem! Service Squad specializes in cleaning all floor surfaces. Including cleaning the grout between your tiles. Making your floors look even better than ever!

Your sense of smell is the sense that is closest tied to memory. So if your building has an unpleasant odor, it won’t be easily forgotten by your clients. That is why Service Squad also offers HVAC and air duct cleaning. Overtime your air ducts collect a lot of dust and dirt particles. Some of these particles are malodorous and will only grow stronger over time. Service Squad will come out regularly to keep your air ducts and HVAC clean, not only improving the smell of the air, but also helping to boost health in the workplace. These airborne particles can act as irritants and harm those in the building.

Service Squad is able to service a number of professional spaces, such as:

Apartment and High-Rise buildings
Military buildings
Retail stores
Hotels and Motels
Large and small office buildings
Department stores
Government buildings

We here at Service Squad take pride in our work. So let us show you what we can do. Call Service Squad today for all of your commercial buildings cleaning needs. Why trust anyone but the best?

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Hot Water Heater Overflow – Cleanup and Restoration
Here at Service Squad, we will work as hard and as fast as we can to ensure that you’re home is back to it’s original glory as fast as possible. By employing only the best water extraction technicians and using the best equipment, it is our goal to save you money by getting it done right the first time.


Nationally recognized but locally owned, Service Squad is here to help with all of your residential and commercial emergency cleanup needs. Our staff will keep in constant contact with you until your home or business is back up and running.