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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial fires can leave businesses devastated. There are so many issues a business has to work through after a fire such as damaged inventory, burned and displaced company files, missed work, a huge stoppage in production, not to mention a devastating loss in moral and personal property. For these reasons, we realize your business needs to get back to normal quick. Service Squad is a professional fire & smoke restoration company that specializes in working on commercial properties that have been devastated by fire. We come in and sort, salvage, clean and restore, so that your business is not only operational again but is also functional and safe for you and your employees.

When a fire strikes, it affects so many things, not just the structure of the building but literally everything in it. What is even more disheartening is that the fire and smoke damage the fire left behind is only a fraction of what you will have to worry about. The residue of smoke and soot along with the water damage from putting out the fire causes long-lasting harm if not taken care of quickly after the fire.

Call Service Squad Before You Go Back In Your Building

As tempting as it may be, avoid exploring and trying to clean up the fire damage, don't. In fact, it is best to not even enter the building until it is secured by a disaster restoration company. There are many potential dangers of reentering a business damaged by fire including structural damage and airborne toxins. Service Squad has specially trained commercial fire restoration specialists that have commercial equipment and dedicated training on how to handle your unique situation. Once the insurance adjuster comes and accesses the damage or gives you clearance to have a fire damage cleanup crew begin, we or another fire restoration business can be there quickly to work with you to get your property cleaned and operational for business. You can expect that we will come out with safety equipment, and will properly educate you about the cleanup process inside the building.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Process

  1. Call your insurance company so that you can get an adjuster out as quick as possible. A company like ours will work hand-in-hand with your insurance company for quick restoration.
  2. Once you get authorization from the insurance company for the cleanup to start, call a fire restoration company like Service Squad. It is important to act as quickly as possible so that we can help secure the property and ensure that cleaning and restoration get done quickly. It is vital to start the process within the first 48 hours if possible to so that the water damage doesn’t turn to mold and mildew and to maximize the possibility of stain removal and proper cleanup.
  3. On-site we will give you an estimate of the damage and secure the property if you want us to start.
  4. Next, our commercial fire cleanup crews will work with you to sort and remove damaged property and begin the cleanup.
  5. Once the structure is secured and the physical cleanup is completed, we have construction crews that can come in and begin reconstruction if necessary.
  6. Since the air quality has been disrupted from the fire, cleaning, and reconstruction, we can clean your vents and fumigate the house from the smoke damage. As part of the finishing touch, our fire and smoke team will deodorize your walls, furniture, personal items, air ducts, and flooring.
  7. Finally, we will remove stains, clear trash away and put the finishing touches on so you can get back to business.

Your business is important to us. Removing the soot and smoke, providing water damage restoration, mold remediation if necessary are all part of the restoration services we offer. Our 24-hour responsive team can help bring your business back to pre-fire condition.

Service Squad is here for you to help turn your catastrophe into a new season for your business. We believe our fire and smoke technicians can get you back to a functional business safe from the damage of the fire. As mentioned before, Service Squad is a trusted leader and specializes in business fire restoration for businesses. You can trust us with your commercial fire damage emergency. Professionalism is the foundation of our business, which transcends into everything we do. Service Squad wants to help you get through your restoration project during one of the most trying times your business has ever gone through.


Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
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Commercial Fire Damage Restoration
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Service Squad is a professional fire, and smoke restoration company that specializes in commercial properties devastated by fire. We sort, salvage, clean and restore,

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