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Fire Damage Restoration SeviceSquad

Nothing quite scars a home and a family like a fire. The fire and smoke alone is enough to traumatize anyone and anything, but all the water damage that results from the firemen doing their job just heaps more abuse onto your home and belongings.

Here at Service Squad, our licensed professionals work to help you sort through it all. We know how scary it is to see all of your stuff out there and exposed to the elements. So we here at Service Squad will arrive on the scene and help you sort through what is salvageable and what is not. Whatever is, we will move to another location. There our technicians will help to clean, deodorize, and remove any stains. Customers are always surprised at what we can save for them

Tips for fire damage:

  • If you have any household plants, wipe them down with a wet cloth on both sides of the leaf
  • Try to limit movement as much as possible. This prevents the spread of soot.
  • To further limit the spread of soot, place old rags or linens on top of furniture, walkways, rugs, and other exposed areas. Try to cover everything as much as possible. This way soot will not spread to other surfaces.
  • Put a cheesecloth (or any thin/sheer cloth) over any airways. The soot particles in the air are damaging to your lungs
  • Change out our HVAC filters and have your airway ducts cleaned.
  • Touch none of your electrical appliances. Turn off the power if possible. After a fire, it is not safe to assume that our electrical system is up to snuff
  • Do not attempt to scrub any walls or clean anything yourself. This could damage the items beyond what our trained professionals can do.

Service Squad will return all of your contents after the fire cleaned up and looking just like it did before! We are in the service of helping you put your home back together. Call Service Squad 24/7 for our help!

fire damage before after 1
fire damage before after 3
fire damage before after