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Just as devastating landslides have been caused by moving a small rock, so can a small microscopic organism bring down an entire building. Mold is an extremely delicate problem that must be dealt with as soon as it is detected. If you notice any odd growths on walls or near water sources contact Service Squad immediately.

Service Squad specializes in identifying buildings with mold, investigating what kind of mold it is, locating its source, and eradicating it in its entirety. Mold is extremely tricky in that if the entire infestation is not terminated, it can easily come back. And most likely it will be even harder to get rid of. Mold becomes resistant after using the same methods over and over again.

Call Service Squad to ensure that the mold is removed from the first time around. Another thing that makes mold so dangerous is that certain strains of mold are extremely harmful to people and it gets established very easily. Mold is most commonly found near leaky pipes or other water sources. It does well in damp warm climates and spreads via airborne spores.

A common misconception is that all mold is damaging. There are certain kinds of molds that are always found indoors and outdoors. Service Squads highly specialized mold technicians identify harmful mold colonies and exterminate them.

Mold is harmful enough to put any building on the breaks. So let Service Squad come help you. The mold spores are airborne so can lurk in your air ducts. For this reason, Service Squad purges your airways and HVAC. So call Service Squad and let us help you breathe easy.

Mold tips:

  • To help prevent malignant mold colonies from being established, keep an eye out for any leaky pipes or dripping
  • Keep areas that utilize water (such as restrooms) clean
  • Try to keep indoor humidity below 45%. Mold flourishes under humid conditions
  • Mold emits a musty odor. So if you smell anything musty, call us to come and investigate. Service Squad is available 24/7 to come and check for mold.
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Hot Water Heater Overflow – Cleanup and Restoration
Here at Service Squad, we will work as hard and as fast as we can to ensure that you’re home is back to it’s original glory as fast as possible. By employing only the best water extraction technicians and using the best equipment, it is our goal to save you money by getting it done right the first time.


Nationally recognized but locally owned, Service Squad is here to help with all of your residential and commercial emergency cleanup needs. Our staff will keep in constant contact with you until your home or business is back up and running.