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Mold Removal

Service Squad wants to keep your family and home safe from threats that you can see and those that you cannot. Mold spores fly around in the air and can easily establish colonies in your home. Call Service Squad at any time if you suspect that your home might be infested

Keep in mind that mold emits a "musty" odor and does well in humid/wet environments. So if you live in a humid area, your home is at a greater risk for developing mold colonies. Service Squad knows exactly where to look in your home to find where every colony is and exterminate it.

One of the main problems with mold is that it becomes resistant to treatment if not dealt with correctly. So we here at Service Squad hire only specially licensed mold technicians to come and survey your home. We then identify the kind of mold it is and the necessary actions to deal with it. Other companies have been known to use the wrong methods to treat mold. This may cause a mold "regression" but only causes the mold to resurface more aggressively than ever. Mold has also been linked to many illnesses. So call us over at Service Squad 24/7 if you ever suspect your home of being infested with mold.

Service Squad will clean your bathrooms, carpets, walls, and purge your airways in order to ensure that the mold is treated correctly from the first time.

Some tips for mold prevention:

  • Keep indoor humidity below 45%
  • Make sure sinks, faucets, and pipes do not drip
  • If you start to notice a big wet spot on your walls call us. This is usually a prime mold colony growth site and can cause unseemly stains.

Mold Removal Before and After 1
Mold Removal Before and After 2
Mold Removal Before and After 3
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