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Residential Damage Reconstruction

Your home is part of your family. Service Squad gets that. That is why Service Squad also understands how devastating it is to lose even a small part of your home. Service Squad is here to provide quality reconstruction services and brand new home construction here in the Houston area.

For whatever reason your home was damaged; fire or water, mold damage, vandalism, the only thing that counts now is to get your home back. Service Squads is here help to make things better again. Since we hire only the best inspectors and contractors to come out, survey the damage you can count on us to come up with a plan that fits you best.

No Reconstruction is too Big or too Small for Service Squads!

No job is too big or too small, whether your entire home was damaged, just one room or only need your kitchen cabinets refurbished. Service Squad will get to work making your house a home again. Service Squad understands that not every situation is the same. So there is no one size fits all fix. We understand that your residential property isn't just a building but more importantly, your home.


Do you need a new house built, garage, kitchen remodel, new addition, master suite or bathroom remodel? Service squad can do this too. We have amazing people who can help you make your remodeling project or brand new dream home a reality. Service Squad employs licensed and insured contractors that do the job right the first time. Service Squad has earned a solid reputation for our work. Let us show you what we can do for you your next home remodel!

Tips Homeowners Should Know Before They Build

We watch HGTV or a home improvement show on the Discovery channel and think I can do that! DIY work efforts, as well-intentioned as they may be can end up costing you money in the long run. Did you know that if you don’t file the right paperwork, and or be licensed, in some areas they can make you or another company tear down your work? Service Squad knows the laws in the Houston area. We are familiar with all of the local and Texas state laws; we know what paperwork needs to be filed and how the construction process needs to be performed so that we have permission to build, and what is built is done legally.

Another thing you need to think about is hiring the right building contractor. Many people have been scammed by some fly-by-night remodeling contractor who makes unbelievable promises but doesn’t deliver anything or only a fraction of what you paid for. Hiring a reputable company like service squad can save you hardship. We just don’t send a team of workers but also send out construction managers that have the know-how to make the job is done right.

Your Insurance Company & Reconstruction

If your home or building has been damaged and is covered by insurance we can work with your insurance company adjuster to make sure everything is covered properly and your insurance company to make sure the paperwork and payment are processed efficiently and quickly. We understand residential damage reconstruction and be able to properly talk about the property damage with your insurance agent or adjuster.

Are you on a budget and don’t know what is possible? We can help. We can come out to your property and talk about your remodeling project, then give you an idea of the cost and solutions to try to meet your budget requirements. We are here to help every step of the way, from insurance claims to local laws to help you make your budget. Call on of our residential damage reconstruction specialists today.

Action Required after Recent Damage

The first two calls you should make after the emergency management people have left and you know your family is safe is your insurance company and an emergency restoration service like ours. Our response team can work with you to make sure your home is safe to re-enter. Call us 24/7 and our emergency response team will come to survey it for you. Repairing and rebuilding after a home that has fire damage or water damage is our expertise.

Reentering after a fire or emergency water damage like a flood can be extremely dangerous. Structural damage exposed electrical, contaminated air, and polluted water can cause injuries or even death. Bringing an experience emergency restoration company out to your home first can help protect the safety of you and your family. Our professionals tour every square foot of your home and will give you the scope of the damage once they had a chance to do a thorough investigation, and they can let you know how to proceed next. It is better to be safe than sorry. In truth it’s not just about square feet, it’s about your families safety.

Moreover, do not attempt to do anything on your own before you call an expert because doing so can actually cause further damage. Also not knowing what to keep and throw away, or what is even damaged can prolong health issues later on. Just painting over things won’t make the problem go away. Fire, smoke and water damage is not something to take lightly. When disaster strikes you need a professional.

Service Squad knows how hard you worked to get your home. By employing only the best in the industry, we make sure that we can return your home to you just the way you remember it. Service Squad is your Houston damage restoration company.

Residential Reconstruction Services
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Water Damage Extraction and Restoration. We provide Flood Damage Removal and Reconstruction, in Houston. Contact the Service Squad Today: 713-999-9150

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