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Residential Flood Damage Reconstruction

Your home is part of your family. Service Squad gets that. That is why Service Squad also understands how devastating it is to lose even a small part of your home.

It does not matter if your home was damaged via fire or water, or whether your entire home was damaged or just one room. Service Squads got your back. We hire only the best inspectors and professionals to come out, survey the damage, and come up with a custom plan that fits you best.

Service Squad understands that not every situation is the same. So there is no one size fits all fix. We are here to work with you to get your home back to you .

General tips for homeowners:


  • If for any reason you do not think your home is safe to re-enter, then do not go in. Call us 24/7 and we’ll come survey it for you
  • If there is water or fire damage, do not attempt to use any electricity. Our professionals will give you the scope of the damage once they had a chance to do a thorough investigation
  • Even if you are not sure what all needs to be done it is better to be safe than sorry. Call us to come and take a look. Do not attempt to do anything on your own as this could only cause further damage.

Service Squad knows how hard you worked to get your home. By employing only the best in the industry, we make sure that we can return your home to you just the way you remember it.

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