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sewer flood damage pictureSewage backups usually occur when you have clogged up drains, broken main sewage lines, broken pipes, or foundation cracks, and tree roots that bust the sewer pipes that cause problems to the plumbing system, giving the sewage no place to flow. When you have a sewer backup there are a number of hazards to be aware of according to the EPA:

  • Disease-causing pathogens
  • Leakage causes cross-contamination that is accidentally consumed by animals or people.
  • Illnesses that are passed through touch
  • Contaminated Water

Diseases that are passed through sewage include typhoid fever, viruses, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, e-Coli, cholera, and tetanus.

We Specialize in Sewage Damage Cleanup & Repair

Sewage Damage Cleanup & RepairSince wastewater exposure is so dangerous please give Service squad plumbing or another certified plumber in your area a call immediately. It is not something to be taken lightly. To do so can cause irreparable harm to your health and property.

When you suspect that you have a sewage leak or wastewater backup, call us so we can come out to your property to inspect the damage. At that point, we will meet with you, explain and the problem and come up with the best, cost-effective solutions. Next, with your approval, we will begin the sewage cleanup. Our cleaning services are top notch for water damage restoration.

It should be noted that we will follow EPA and OSHA requirements to best contain any loss to protect your family caused by the sewer water. Ultimately our goal is to return your property to a safe, clean, functional place that your family again can safely call home. In the same way, if you have a business our goal is to make your property a safe place for you and your employees.

Get a No-Obligation Quote Today on Sewer Damage Repair & Cleanup

Regardless of what kind of property you have, we hope to return it back to you restored. Just call us today for a free onsite inspection so we can give you a price estimate for your sewage backup cleaning.

Service Squad is truly your complete one-stop service business. We can work with you every step of the way from cleanup, to plumbing repairs to complete restoration of your property. We’ve been providing the Houston area with emergency restorations services for over 3 years now!

Sewer sludge is extremely problematic. It seeps in cracks in the wall, goes in between the trim and into absorbent areas such as furniture causing a nightmare for most. For us, at Service Squad, it’s all in a day’s work. We quickly and thoroughly clean and sanitize your property so that it is safe to dwell in again. Since sewer waste is so dangerous, its important to get down deep in the hard to reach areas and get rid of the harmful germs, filmy residue and unpleasant smell that happens as a result of this kind of catastrophe.

When you have this kind of emergency and need help quick call us! Get a free no obligation quote today!

Call Service Squad Restoration 24 Hours a Day – (713) 999-9150

Sewage Backup Services we Offer in the Greater Houston Area:

  • Free Estimates for your Sewage Problems
  • Plumbing Repair, Fixing and damaged and Broken Pipes
  • Sewage Backup and Cleanup
  • Sewer Cleanup
  • Sewage Sludge Removal
  • Professional Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Note: Services Squad offers plumbing services through our network of licensed and insured plumbing partners.

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Sewage backup is a category 3 hazardous waste that can make people and animals sick. As soon as you have a drain line backup problem you need to contact a service like Service Squad to get an emergency cleanup technician out immediately.
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