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The dangers of ongoing smoke damage and soot have been well documented for some time. According to / AIC:

“The documented hazards of fire soot date back to 1775 when Percivall Pott, an English surgeon, discovered an association between exposure to soot and a high incidence of scrotal cancer in chimney sweeps. This was the first occupational link to cancer, which ultimately led to the science of epidemiology and the Chimney Sweeper’s Act of 1788.”

To protect your family or employees it is imperative to acquire the services of a trained fire and smoke damage specialist to help you remove soot and the smoke as soon as possible. Many people are concerned about the cost, but health concerns of those you care about far out way any cost associated with hiring a smoke damage restoration specialist. Besides that, we will work for hand in hand with your insurance company to help pay for our services. 

Here at service squad, we are here 24/7 to help take care of your smoke damage. We have technicians ready to be dispatched when you need our service 365 days a year. Our trained professionals are trained to restore the hard to reach places like furniture, vents, and air ducts. Service Squad has the equipment, cleaning products, and training to tackle the most difficult residential and commercial projects. If damage has already been set in and reconstruction is needed we can even assist yours with that. We are both residential and commercial smoke damage restoration company.

Having a viable emergency response from a company that can not only remove smoke odor, but a company that can be a quality fire restorer is key. We take time to do a smoke and fire damage assessment before we ever start the smoke cleanup process.


As we have said before time is of the essence when you restore items with smoke damage and soot. If acted upon quickly there is a better chance that we can help you avoid structural damage and loss of property. Smoke sook settles into the porous surfaces and stains hard countertops in a way that can be hard to clean if you wait too long or don’t have the right tools to clean and restore.

Porous Surfaces

Service Squad can clean porous surfaces such as carpet, clothing, drapes, upholstery and other fabrics soaked in smoke and soot. We have specialized equipment, cleaning products and deodorizers to help remove the stains and smell from surfaces that naturally soak in the smoke and soot. Dry cleaning is a popular method to remove the smoke order and affected areas. Walls and ceilings make out of drywall can also be considered a porous surface.

Hard Surfaces

You may think that hard surfaces aren’t affected by smoke and soot. That isn’t necessarily true. Many hard surfaces like some flooring are synthetic, and when burned creates a unique chemical reaction that can make the hard surface stained and not able to be kept. Even windows and naturally hard surfaces can cause permanent smoke staining. The longer you leave them both the less likely they are to be salvageable. It is essential to begin cleaning plastic household items immediately so that they remain in good shape.

Service Squad provides a variety of restoration services that compliment smoke damage restorations such as professional fire damage cleaning, water damage restoration, duct cleaning, disaster restoration, mold remediation, and reconstruction. Our company a team that values hard work and has decades of experience.

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Service Squad provides restoration services that include basic and comprehensive smoke damage caused by large and small fires in the home or business. Call: 713-999-9150
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