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The sewer line is a crucial part of a home’s infrastructure and plays an essential role in daily life. It’s fundamental to the plumbing system’s operation. Among the various issues homeowners face, a main sewer line clog is particularly dreaded.

Despite regular maintenance, pipes can still become clogged, leading to a frustrating and unpleasant situation that disrupts daily routines and can render a home uninhabitable until the issue is resolved. A damaged sewer line can cause foul, contaminated water to back up into your home, rendering the entire plumbing system unusable.

The main sewer line is the primary conduit for waste exiting your home. A blockage here can result in backed-up showers and tubs, creating a significant health hazard due to the presence of sewage inside your living space. Recognizing the signs of a main line clog and knowing how to respond is crucial. For professional help, rely on our Sewer Repair Service in Houston to ensure your sewer line remains functional and safe.



The buildup in the sewer line

When fats, oils, and grease enter your sewer system. They may not travel very far through pipes and form large, nasty conglomerations with other debris and chemicals and stick on the walls of your pipes. These deposits could cause future sewer backups in your sewer line. The only way to properly remove buildup from your pipes would be by contacting a professional sewer line repair to clean the lines with hydro-jetting.

Broken sewer Cast Iron

Cast-iron Sewer pipes are strong, but nature has a way of breaking things down over time. You better call the professionals if there is a leak or cracked sewer line. Trenchless sewer line replacement and Conventional sewer line replacement are the commonly used methods.

Tree Roots Intrusion

Tree roots that run deep under the ground may run into your sewer pipes and cause significant damage & clog. Tree root invasion in your pipes is one situation where you’d certainly need professional help. Through camera inspection, we could find the exact root location and plan how to clear roots from sewage lines.


Hydro jetting may be the solution if you have a clogged sewer line blocked so severely that conventional plumbing methods aren’t effective. A high-pressure water jet aims at the walls of your pipes to dislodge and unclog sewer lines. Hydro-jetting reaches up to five hundred feet for extended flexibility, which should be enough to clear your entire sewer lines. Our skilled technicians can use hydro jetting to smooth out the insides of your sewage and restore them to their original diameter without damaging the pipe itself.


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Partha Mukherji
Partha Mukherji
What can I say…I live in North Texas and called Service Squad Missouri City area to help my parents (who live in Missouri City ) with a major leak they had. I called after 5. The gentleman that picked up the after hours phone found a serviceman and sent him on his way within 45minutes! Mr Charles Miller was punctual, professional and helped my parents out…all within 1hour. He even helped with drying the carpets, going over the fees thoroughly, etc. If you want professional, timely, dependable service, then call this group of service men. Thank you so much.
Myra Leslie
Myra Leslie
Service tech was very knowledgeable and courteous. He opened the AC unit and communicated what area he needed to check to fix the problem. Excellent service experience,


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