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Dripping or leaky faucets in homes are among the most common unaddressed plumbing problems. Dripping or leaking faucets waste water and money over time and are likely to go unnoticed. If a faucet drips just once a second, it will waste five gallons of water daily.

Leaky faucets are typically caused by worn-out washers that fail and allow water to pass through. A buildup of silt and hard water deposits in the cartridge causes difficult-to-turn faucet controls.

Get your drippy faucet fixed to save yourself money. Service squad Plumbing is ready to come to your home and repair your leaking faucets as soon as possible.

We have a staff of highly skilled plumbers in Houston who specialize in repairing leaking and dripping faucets. We have excellent reviews for Faucet Repairs in Houston, so you can confidently contact us.

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Water Dripping

Dripping faucets could be an indication of high water pressure in the pipes, and it could also be an indication of faulty valves. Water damage at the base of the faucet or beneath the sink can also indicate a faulty tap. If you see any of these signs, it may be time to consult a professional to address the situation before it worsens.

Faucet Noise

Several distinct sounds could be emanating from your faucet, depending on the nature of your plumbing problem. Some of these sounds are easily handled, while others may indicate something more serious. Contact us for assistance in determining what the sound represents and how to resolve it.

Leaking faucet

Faucets can leak in various areas, including the handle, the base, and even the pipes underneath. You can repair some leaky faucets by replacing or tightening certain parts, but most commonly, you’ll save more money by replacing the entire apparatus. A leaking faucet not only becomes bothersome quickly but can also lead to mold growth and other water damage. Leaking water can pool on counters or in cupboards, causing severe damage to other elements in your kitchen or bathroom. To avoid mold growth or costly damage, replace the faucet rather than wasting money on lengthy repairs.


Our Service Squad team is highly professional plumbers in Houston that are experts in repairing leaking and dripping faucets. From a simple Dripping Faucet to a much larger problem with a full on Leaking Toilet our plumbing team can help. Don’t let a leaky faucet disrupt your daily routine or cause water damage to your property. Contact Service Squad Faucet Repair Service in Houston today, and let our experts take care of your faucet repair needs professionally and efficiently.


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Partha Mukherji
Partha Mukherji
What can I say…I live in North Texas and called Service Squad Missouri City area to help my parents (who live in Missouri City ) with a major leak they had. I called after 5. The gentleman that picked up the after hours phone found a serviceman and sent him on his way within 45minutes! Mr Charles Miller was punctual, professional and helped my parents out…all within 1hour. He even helped with drying the carpets, going over the fees thoroughly, etc. If you want professional, timely, dependable service, then call this group of service men. Thank you so much.
Myra Leslie
Myra Leslie
Service tech was very knowledgeable and courteous. He opened the AC unit and communicated what area he needed to check to fix the problem. Excellent service experience,


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